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Process developer
Kallo (BE)

Worldwide “KATOEN NATIE” combines engineering as well as the latest technologies to offer customized client oriented logistical solutions. These solutions are provided to a large variety of big and small companies, active in a large range of sectors or industries. The Business Unit (BU) Consumer Goods manages the complete supply chain flow from several Business Lines like Textiles, DIY products, Pharmaceuticals, Sporting Goods, Aftermarket logistics and E-commerce. KATOEN NATIE had 181 sites in 30 countries in Europe, North America, South America and the Far East and has more than 13.000 people active in operational, staff and management functions

The process developer is responsible for the elaboration of the right process and the creation of structural tools for client and operation. When optimizing existing processes, the developer has an advising role. The process developer offers support and advice to project managers, BSO, OPS, KAM, BSG Solutions, Admin, HR and BSG Systems.

• The improvement and audit of processes  the process must be clearly defined and lean.
• The development and unrolling of standard tools and templates.
• The calculation and observation of site projects.
• Participation in a six monthly business line meeting.
• Evaluation if new or existing change request may cause economies of scale on site level.
• The Analysis and securing the setup of the WMS in existing operations, default after a move, or every 6 months in running business.
• Training BSO as a local key user per Warehouse.
• Follow up on monthly Power audit  inspect and notify when structural problems occur towards operations and TL Process development.
• Self-planning and follow up in Devops.
New clients:
• The validation of process and productivities for new clients together with Business Solutions Team.
• The discussion and validation within the process team of processes for new clients.
• The translation of operational and power processes to BSG systems for new clients or the translation of new processes for existing clients (think within existing functionalities)
• The implementation of new clients according to the RACIO process.
• The support during start-up for new clients.
• Responsible for the creation and enrollment of the handover file.

• The exercise of the confidentiality clause.
• The compliance and the maintenance of the regulations resulting from the house rules and the ISO quality manual.
• The stimulation of preventive actions during operational and administrative actions.
• The guarding of the process evolution.
• The analysis, improvement and further delegation of processes.
• The ensuring of discipline, tidiness and safety in the workplace.
• The setup and control of objectives.
• The ensuring of a good training level.
• Being available where needed, also as back up for colleagues.

• Planner and organizer
• Initiator
• Team player
• Customer-oriented
• Good communication skills
• Critical view
• Have perseverance
• Problem-solving thinker
• Opinion maker
• Integrity
• Independent
• Decisively
• Vision
• Assist in the development of contributors
• Innovative
• The power to realize
• Leadership
• Entrepreneurship
• Analytical thinker
• Direction giver

  • Master or Bachelor degree required or equivalent experience.
  • Knowledge of Operations and Power is required.
  • Ability to think systematically and analytical.
  • Good oral and written communication skills in Dutch, French and English.
  • Experience with Microsoft application and Warehouse management systems.
2 years
  • An exciting job in a leading dynamic company with no-nonsense culture
  • An attractive salary package
Sabine De Mits
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