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As a long term, reliable partner for our customers, it is our mission to offer flexible, high quality logistic solutions and continuous improvement as a competitive advantage for our customers. Katoen Natie has a solid proven track record in providing integrated supply chain solutions for following sectors:

Automotive & Industry

Thanks to our long term experience as a logistics service provider, we are the perfect fit for operating and managing complex process for the Automotive & Industry by delivering the highest quality standards.

Production and Packaging Logistics

Katoen Natie provides several specific warehouse concepts to optimize the good flows from and to the production plant.

  • Cross dock center
  • Consolidation center
  • Deconsolidation center
  • SILS center
  • Supplier parks
  • Mini factory center
  • CKD and SKD center
  • Warehousing (dedicated, on site, multi-customer,…)

Our services:

  • Assembly ( in batch, in line sequence)
  • Batch delivery ( JIT, KANBAN, L3P)
  • (Re)packing
  • Sequencing ( JIS)
  • Kitting ( in line sequence)
  • KD-activities: CKD and SKD
  • Repair wooden & plastic packaging: pallets, frames, lids, spacers, FLC-FXC
  • Cleaning & Drying: KLT, boxes, lids and spacers
  • Metal repair & welding
  • Maintenance, refurbishment and adaptation

Distribution Logistics

The outbound logistics solutions provided by Katoen Natie support optimal availability and on time delivery to the Automotive & Industry:

  • Global distribution centers
  • European distribution centers
  • Local distribution centers
  • Multi-customer distribution centers

Our services:

  • Parts identification
  • Picture management
  • Receiving versus PO, DN, Invoice
  • Sorting
  • (Re)packing
  • Assembly
  • Labelling
  • Picking ( mono-,multi-order and batch)
  • Packing
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Home & Garden

in omni-channel logistic solutions for retailers and manufacturers in the Home & Garden Market.
As a specialist, Katoen Natie has a wide experience in serving the Home & Garden industry partnering with the larger retailers and brands since many decades.
Katoen Natie provides a total supply chain solution that includes forwarding, customs services, storage, handling and distribution in a B2B and in a B2C environment.

Warehouse management solutions

Our solutions include order management, inventory management and materials management.

Our services:

  • Inbound receiving
  • Quality control and functional testing
  • Mono and multi-order picking
  • Assembly, automation
  • Packaging and kitting
  • Repacking and labelling
  • Return flows and Repair
  • Spare parts logistics


Transport solutions

Katoen Natie provides transport solutions in collaboration with professional carriers. These carriers are carefully selected based on their performance and their distribution network in each country.

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Print & Performance wear

As your logistics partner, it is our duty to stay ahead of the market trends and to continuous adjust and/or develop our service with a clear focus on offering you:

  • Large scale multi-customer platforms
  • Strategic geographical locations
  • Tailor made warehousing concepts
  • Last minute customization
  • Additional port, customs & handling services

You produce premium products for a quality-sensitive consumer. We provide the logistic solution, carrying out a wide range of value added activities to meet your customer’s needs:

  • Supply Chain optimization
  • Postponement
  • Quality control
  • Reverse logistics
  • Returns management
  • Reconditioning
  • Labelling
  • Price tagging
  • Security tagging
  • Measuring
  • Packing of e.g. promo packs
  • Pallet patterns
  • Nationalization
  • Display building
  • Configuration
  • GOH ( Goods on Hanger)
  • Sewing
  • Heat-pressing
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Health- & Personal Care

As the healthcare and life sciences industry is constantly looking for supply chain optimization, both from a quality as from a cost aspect, there is a need for a partner who can offer flexibility and all required services.

Katoen Natie supports – thanks to its large multi-customer platforms – the consolidation trend (RDC) in warehousing which requires flexibility and potential for growth. The brand new facilities are GDP compliant and we offer both 2-8°C as 15-25°C buildings for long term storage, pick & packing activities & Value Adding Services.

Many of the Katoen Natie platform locations on different continents are directly in or linked to a port, which creates the opportunity to ensure ocean freight consolidation (export) or deconsolidation (import) for the healthcare and life sciences sector.  The company is however also experienced in preparing airfreight shipments for the life science industry.

Using the same validated Warehouse Management System and Quality Management System on all its locations and ensuring conformity with the relevant ISO certification and GDP guidelines, according to the sector and customer specific needs, make Katoen Natie a valuable partner for the healthcare and life sciences industry. A team of Qualified- and Responsible Persons supervise, in collaboration with the internal HSEQ dpts, compliance at all times.

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Footwear & Leisure

In a globalized and constantly changing world, we understand your need to react quickly to market changes. What was hot yesterday may be outdated tomorrow! Profitability increasingly depends on flexibility. Shorter product life cycles and complex supply chain requirements combined with the expanding product ranges make consumer products very challenging in terms of logistics.
This product rotation demands flexible organizations and fast reaction times. The most critical factor in creating long term success is ensuring that new products and product ranges are ready to be launched commercially. Volatility in customer orders, seasonal variations and economic cycles oblige logistics service providers to be highly dynamic, helping to support long term profitability.
Whether you opt for a global or regional distribution center with or without an E-commerce activity, we have the tools to exceed your expectations when it comes to speed and quality of order fulfilment.

Our value added services include:

  • Testing and quality inspection
  • Postponement ( i.e. repacking, labelling, sorting, bundling & assembly module)
  • Reconditioning and sampling
  • Price and security tagging
  • Shrink-wrapping and slip-sheeting
  • Nationalization
  • Tax representation
  • Promotion set-up ( displays and kitting)
  • Repairs and refurbishment
  • Return handling
  • Spare parts management
  • Cross docking services
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Consumer Electronics

Katoen Natie brings together industry-leading talent and superior technologies to solve complex logistics challenges in the Technical Consumer Goods sector, whether on a regional or global scale. Our mission is to deliver measurable improvement and a strategic competitive advantage for you.
Katoen Natie creates full visibility throughout your supply chain. Our customers can track and trace information on inbound flows, finished goods in the warehouse, or a particular shipment to an end-customer, giving them the control they require to meet the needs of a demanding retail market.

Warehouse operations

Katoen Natie offers a variety of solutions for different operational processes, with a focus on improvement and customer satisfaction.


  • Inbound transportation: on time scheduling of the arrival of material
  • Quality control


  • Bonded warehousing to postpone customs & pre-financing of VAT
  • Automated warehouses for stock and picking accuracy and better utilization of space
  • Multi-customer warehousing for more flexibility and better economics


  • Vendor managed inventory (VMI): to manage your suppliers and improve your cash status
  • Picking and packing of your orders according to specific end-customer requirements
  • S/N registration

Value added services:

To improve the performance of your supply chain, Katoen Natie offers a wide range of value added services:

  • Return inspection and grading
  • Testing and quality inspection of inbound
  • Postponement activities and final assembly
  • Bundling/unbundling
  • Kitting
  • Strapping and stretch wrapping
  • Configuration and customization of pallets
  • Labelling
  • Display build and fill
  • Packing, repacking and co-packing services
  • Repair and refurbish of return flow

Transportation Management

  • 100% integrated TMS with our WMS
  • Full track and traceability
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With economic conditions becoming ever tighter, the aftermarket is increasingly important. Leading companies are keenly aware that aftermarket service is crucial to stand out from the competition.
By ensuring customer satisfaction companies are able to safeguard their own long term productivity. Flawless delivery and quick response very often make the difference in getting new customers and keeping old ones.
Katoen Natie aftermarket team has the competence to manage parts logistics to very high standards, offering the quality and delivery performance that are so crucial in today’s competitive aftermarket.
We help you to set up the right infrastructure and processes in order to assure satisfied customers. No big theories, just years of experience, competency and know-how. We work out the best fit for your aftermarket, and for your valued customers.

Our warehouse management solutions:

  • In-and outbound activities
  • Order management
  • Inventory management
  • Materials management
  • Value added services: rework campaigns, kitting, repackaging and assembly
  • Quality control and functional testing
  • Return management
  • Carrier decision matrix
  • Freight forwarding, in-and outbound transport management
  • Storage of bonded and free goods
  • Fiscal representation and customs administration
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Katoen Natie has more than 10 years of experience in working for online pure players, brands and omni-channel retailers with the focus on flexibility, quality and velocity. Katoen Natie aims for a zero error tolerance in the highly demanding B2C E-commerce market. As market leader, we aim to stay on top of new innovations and trends. Our WMS is developed in-house which means we can adapt to the fast changing E-commerce market.
Our professional services include warehousing and storage, packing and packaging, transport and distribution, value added services, cleaning and repair, projects-and process engineering, and port operations. We own all our warehouses and have e-commerce operations worldwide to ensure short lead-times to the market of our customers. Moreover, our global presence makes it easy to support the international expansion.
We assist our customers from A to Z in the field of E-commerce logistics: from the moment the goods leave the suppliers until the moment they are delivered to the B2C end-customer. The end-consumer can count on full track & trace with all its desired delivery options, while the merchant can count on complete transparency of the process.


Our services:

  • Customs clearance and tax representation
  • Inbound transport
  • Inventory management
  • Storage of bonded and free goods
  • Value added services: rework, relabelling, kitting, assembly, repackaging, building & filling displays etc.
  • Quality control and testing
  • Zero error order picking
  • Returns management
  • Carrier decision matrix
  • Line haul and transport management
  • Drop shipments
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Our customs service can arrange all requested customs documentation, all of which to be completed and submitted in line with local regulations. Besides being a specialist in customs, we also take care of all VAT-procedures for our customers.

How we can help you on customs level:

  • Providing advice for almost every kind of product
  • Executing customs activities: import-, transit- and export formalities
  • Bonded warehouses: different types of customs warehouses dedicated to the needs and advantages for the customer
  • Fiscal warehouses: VAT-warehouses

What we can offer you on VAT-level:

  • Providing advice in fiscal representation
  • Different formats of fiscal representation are possible
  • Offering complete VAT-administration for companies not established in Belgium
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Freight forwarding

Katoen Natie is a well-known sea freight and airfreight solution provider and delivers highly flexible services through partnerships with leading carriers. We guarantee transport capacities and easily adapt to growing trade volumes – a key benefit when it comes to managing global supply chains.

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Global transport

Katoen Natie’s business unit General Cargo & Commodities supports end-to-end supply chain management by offering road, rail and inland water transport as well as sea freight and airfreight services.

Road & rail transport
With our expertise in road and rail logistics, we can deliver cost-effective solutions that meet your transport requirements. Katoen Natie offers a wide range of road and rail transportation services, including dedicated delivery services.

Inland water transport
Katoen Natie operates a fleet of barges for container transport between major seaports. By offering and promoting inland water transport, we are able to provide our customers a transport mode that is both economical and environment-friendly.

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Katoen Natie’s mission is to provide integrated and tailor-made logistics to a key number of industries and to clients all over the world. The ICT Solution Development department plays a critical role in the accomplishment of this mission. The department was set up to support Katoen Natie’s various business units, allowing business managers to gain a competitive advantage through analytics and process optimization, as well as providing end users with excellent services. In a flexible, straightforward environment, our specialized solution developers solve your strategic and operational issues!

The ICT umbrella covers a large area of expertise: our ICT professionals tackle a variety of challenges ranging from installing hardware and applications, to designing complex software, computer networks and information databases, as well as supporting entire systems. Our experts also manage data and make sure this information is accessible to the users.

Katoen Natie has its own global network, connecting the different locations around the world, to speed up the flow of information. Interfacing with external customer systems (such as SAP) is common practice. Microsoft Dynamics NAV® has been chosen as the software environment for creating progressive systems capable of serving large, multi-customer operations and dedicated on-site terminals. In a rapidly changing technological world, we closely monitor the latest technologies in fields such as radio frequency systems, bar coding, hub connections and EDI. Implementing these solutions has proved to be rewarding.

Our main goal is to offer high quality tailor-made solutions. We do not just provide the hardware and software, we solve problems, provide support to industrial processes and ensure that information gets to the right person at the right time. Software development, set-up and maintenance of hardware and networks are done in-house, creating a flexible and cost-efficient operating environment.

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