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Apparel, Sports, Outdoor & Leisure

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Apparel, Sports, Outdoor & Leisure at Katoen Natie

In the fast changing and globalized environment of today, long term growth and profitability in the Sports, Outdoor and Leisure market are demanding a higher level of agility of your supply chain. Shorter product life cycles and complex omnichannel, returns and sustainability requirements combined with the expanding, long tail product assortments, ask for very challenging, custom-made solutions to handle these flows.

As a long term, experienced partner for our clients, it is our mission to offer flexible, high quality, logistic solutions and continuous improvement as a competitive advantage in this fast-evolving market.

Thanks to our proven experience, our dedicated Katoen Natie Apparel, Sports, Outdoor & Leisure Teams

Our Strengths

At Katoen Natie, we are committed to fulfill all the needs of this dynamic market on a
24/7/365 basis. Seasonal peaks and variations (often seen as a threat) are welcomed here as a treat by our highly experienced teams, and an opportunity to make a difference for your brand.

By operating your flows on large, privately owned, and strategically located multi-customer platforms, we can absorb these seasonal fluctuations in time, space and resources.

Our goal is to create the best customer experience and quality for your brand to both wholesale partners and end-consumers in a flexible supply chain model, tailored to your needs

Innovation is in our DNA

Katoen Natie, where automation and innovation are at also the forefront of our logistics services. With state-of-the-art facilities and advanced technologies, we are constantly striving to improve efficiency and accuracy for our customers.

From goods-to-person systems and robotics, to advanced sortation and more, our automation solutions help to streamline the supply chain and reduce errors.

At Katoen Natie, we are committed to staying ahead of the competition and bringing the latest innovations to the table.

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Value Added Services

  • Network Studies
  • Relabelling, Kitting & More
  • Customs & Clearance
  • Quality Control

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