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At Katoen Natie, we pride ourselves on providing excellent warehousing solutions tailored to meet your specific needs. With a global presence and a reputation for excellence, we offer a diverse range of warehousing sites strategically located throughout Belgium.
Gain insights into each location’s unique offerings.

About Katoen Natie Antwerp

Discover our state-of-the-art warehousing facility in Antwerp, a bustling port city renowned for its logistics infrastructure. Explore the cutting-edge technologies and exceptional services we provide to optimize your supply chain management.

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About Katoen Natie Ghent

Step into our Ghent facility and witness the synergy between convenience and excellence. Explore the dynamic capabilities of this location, equipped with cutting-edge technology and a highly skilled team to handle your warehousing requirements seamlessly.

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About Katoen Natie Beringen

Delve into the world of warehousing in Beringen, a city known for its strategic position in the heart of Europe. Learn about our extensive storage capabilities, efficient inventory management, and innovative solutions designed to maximize operational efficiency.

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About Katoen Natie Genk

Experience the advantages of our Genk warehousing site, situated in close proximity to major transportation networks. Uncover how our flexible storage options, advanced tracking systems, and value-added services can streamline your logistics processes.

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Key Numbers

  • Capacity

    2.500.000m², expansion possibilities of 500 000 m²

  • Operations

    Working with +5 300 employees

  • Connectivity

    Port based operations with direct connections to different highways

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